We Believe in Developing the Whole Child Body, Mind & Spirit. 

Good Shepherd After School Program

Good Shepherd Services’ in-school support programs work within public schools to offer services and intervention strategies for students who are most at risk of dropping out. In-school support services include attendance monitoring and outreach, counseling, crisis intervention, conflict mediation, extended day activities, tutoring, Regents preparation, incentive trips, parent involvement activities and referrals to a broad network of services.

(modified from Good Shepherd Services' Website)

 Good Shepherd Services at Madiba Prep provide additional classes and activities, including but not limited to:

  • Cosmetology
  • Dance
  • Girl's Group
  • Boy's Group
  • Photography 
  • Art
  • Leadership in Service
  • Basketball
  • Fashion
  • Yoga
  • Social Justice
  • Male and Female Step Teams